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Class: Social Studies Teacher

Teacher: William Parker


Extension: 1404

Room: G-30

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Course Syllabus

Mr. Parker

Social Studies Room G-30

(330) 729-4000 Ext. 1404

Instructional Philosophy:

I believe a Social Studies course works best when students are able to make connections with the events of the past and their modern daily lives. These connections are made through the use of technologies like the internet, current events, hands-on projects and other education tools.

The Interactive Notebook is another means that allows students to not only compile assignments in an organized manner but it also provides a way for students to look back on past lessons and connect them to current lessons.

Course Goals:

With recognition of the career and technical paths that students choose, this course is designed to enhance skills needed after graduation. Students are exposed to a rigorous social studies curriculum in accordance with both state and county academic content and literacy standards.

The students will be engaged with personalized assignments and projects using various forms of media such as the Internet, the newspaper and power point in order to enrich their understanding of course concepts.

Required Materials:

  1. One Subject College Ruled Spiral Bound Notebook
  2. Student Agenda
  3. Colored pencils and writing utensils
  4. Highlighter
  5. Stapler or tape
  6. Chromebook


1. Interactive Notebook: 45%

2. Tests and Quizzes: 20%

3. Unit Projects and Assignments 25%

4. Participation: 10%

Grading is done on a cumulative point system. For students to achieve an A in the course, they must strive for the maximum amount of points in each graded area, especially the interactive notebook.

Course Description:

American Government / Economics 1 Credit

American Government studies our country’s unique system of government starting with its origins and the outlining of our Constitution. An overview of the three branches of government and three levels of government are covered, as well as the election process, political parties and other civic concepts and responsibilities. The class uses texts like The New York Times UpFront newsmagazine on a regular basis in order to keep abreast of current events and to achieve Ohio literacy standards. Internet assignments and projects are also used regularly to supplement the textbook. Economics and Financial Literacy concepts will also be integrated in the course throughout the year.

Possible Projects: Federalism Crisis Plan, Political Party & Media, The President and Foreign Policy, Congress Simulation

Class Requirements and Procedures:

1. Notebooks will be collected on a regular basis (at least twice per quarter) and will be graded on content, quality, organization, and visual appeal. Most of your homework assignments and coursework will be kept in this notebook.

2. We will be using the Chromebooks regularly throughout the school year. Make sure you have your Chromebook with you in class in order to participate in the day’s activities.

3. When absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you have missed. You will be permitted as many days as you have excused absences to complete the missed assignments. Please use the class eBoard, Notebook Buddy or class Table of contents for help.

4. Regular tardies to class will result in an Office Referral.

5. I will be maintaining your grades on Progress Book. Students and their parents should log on and check their grades regularly. Passwords can be obtained through the guidance office. For a link to the Progress Book website go to the MCCTC high school webpage or go to:

6. I will be maintaining an eBoard or a Teacher Webpage throughout the school year to help keep parents and students informed about important class information. A link to eBoard or Teacher Webpage can be found on the schools webpage.

7. A digital copy of the Government Alive! Textbook is available for home by using a username and password at:


1. Discuss any issues and problems with me.

2. Your participation is necessary for class success.

3. Ask questions; don’t choose to be confused.

*All of the above is subject to change.

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