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High School

Class: Social Studies Teacher

Teacher: William Parker


Extension: 1404

Room: G-30

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Notebook Guidelines


  1. Notebooks are collected at least twice a quarter (midterm and final) and will be graded based on content, visual appeal, and organization.
  1. Xeroxed pages or work that is not yours will not be accepted. Notes must also be done in your own handwriting.
  1. Each page must be numbered (front and back) and assignments should be placed on the appropriate page.

  1. Worksheets must be folded in half with the title exposed and mounted in the notebook in such a way that the pages are not protruding out the side.

  1. Students must highlight main ideas and important terms on each page to receive full credit.

  1. Your notebook assignments are intended to engage your personal strengths as they relate to the coursework and assess your personal learning development in this class. To meet these ends, when your notebook is graded I will look for examples of these personal strengths in addition to the required notes and assignments.

(Examples: -Content specific drawings

-Extended written responses

-Annotated notes that express your thoughts as they pertain to the lesson or other info given in class.

Set-Up and Details:

  1. You need to have one notebook specifically for my class. The notebook must be college-ruled, at least 70 pages long. I recommend, but do not require a plastic cover. The cover must have your Name, period, my name and its name.
  1. First four pages are reserved for the Table of Contents to be maintained throughout the year.
  1. Most homework and in-class assignments will be kept in the notebook. Staples will be provided to fasten papers into notebooks. If you’d rather use tape, it is acceptable, but will not be provided.
  1. If you are absent, all make-up work rules apply. Notebooks are often used while taking quizzes or doing projects, so it is to your advantage to keep up with the work. Find a notebook buddy and use the class table of contents found posted in the room or on my eBoard to help you with missed assignments.
  1. You must bring your notebook each day. Loose leaf paper maybe added to the notebook for the rare time you do not bring your notebook.
  1. Loose Leaf may also be added to the notebook if you need more space to complete a page. Paper can be usually found in the Absence Assistance Center if needed.

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