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Class: Social Studies Teacher

Teacher: Melinda Grimm


Extension: 1402

Room: G-31

Important Dates

Lesson Plans

August 21st through August 23rd

  • Seniors will begin a self reflection notebook on fears, anxiety and self esteem. On Friday, they will take a quiz on anxiety triggers.
  • I will review syllabus and class rules with Juniors on Thursday the 22nd, then they will take a citizenship quiz. On Friday, Juniors will play the budget game.

August 26th through August 28th

  • Seniors will complete an anxiety trigger activity and will begin their chapter 1 vocabulary. We will move on to the history of psychology and how to recognize and handle situations in which they may face in the Cosmetology field.
  • On Tuesday and Wednesday, juniors will begin their timelines on the history of government and their charts on the different types of governments.

September 3rd through September 6th

  • No school on Monday the 2nd. On Wednesday, seniors will take a quiz on general psychology topics to see what they know. We will discuss the answers then they will complete an activity that ranks their levels of anxiety. We will be in the Joyce Brooks Center on Friday for the Wellness kickoff.
  • Juniors will complete a government timeline with me on Tuesday in class. They will begin working on their forms of governments charts. They will have the rest of Tuesday and Thursday to complete the chart, then create visual representations of each form of government. They must use elements from their labs in the pictures. Juniors will also be in the Joyce Brooks Center on Friday.

September 9th through September 13th

  • Seniors will complete their first set of reading notes. They will also complete an activity in which they create a workplace scenario about some type of workplace or customer issue. As homework, they will complete a series of questions about anxiety and how they cope through difficult situations. This will be discussed on Wednesday. We will also discuss the different types of psychology. Friday will be a discussion and video on superstition.
  • Juniors will complete their next chart covering systems of government and economic systems. Once the charts are complete, we will practice putting all information together. Students must be able to identify a form of government that matches a system of government and economic system.
  • On Thursday, students will choose groups and will be researching the development of a new country that needs to pick a new form of government. We will review background and economic information and maps that describe the new country. This will carry into Friday.

September 16th through September 20th

  • On Monday, seniors will continue the video on superstition. Anxiety questions and superstition homework is due today. Cos seniors will complete a self-esteem portrait. On Wednesday, we will discuss the different types of psychology, then will complete an activity on how to react to a stressful situation/angry customer. Friday will be a brain games video on anger. Students will complete discussion questions.
  • On Tuesday, juniors will complete a map activity on the new government they are forming and will then participate in a response group activity on creating a new government for a newly formed country. Thursday, we will complete a study guide and they will have a test on Friday.

September 23rd through September 27th

  • On Monday, seniors will do a classroom activity on the different types of psychological fields and the history of psychology. On Wednesday, seniors will complete an assignment on anger, our reactions to anger and how to use communication strategies in the workplace.
  • On Tuesday and Thursday, juniors will watch scenes from V for Vendetta and will analyze government's use of control strategies.
  • Waiver day on Friday the 27th.

September 30th through October 4th

October 7th through October 11th

October 14th through October 18th

October 21st through October 25th

October 28th through November 1st

November 4th through November 8th

November 11th through November 15th

November 18th through November 22nd

November 25th and 26th

December 2nd through December 6th

December 9th through December 13th

December 16th through December 20th

January 6th through January 10th

January 13th through January 17th

January 20th through January 24th

January 27th through January 31st

February 3rd through February 7th

February 10th through February 14th

February 17th through February 21st

February 24th through February 28th

  • On Monday, psychology students will complete chapter 18, section 1 reading notes and their vocabulary activity. On Wednesday, they will finish watching the documentary on schizophrenia and will begin analyzing case studies to diagnose mental disorders. They will also work on these case studies on Friday, March 1st.
  • On Tuesday, Government students will complete chapter 7, section 4 reading notes and additional end of course practice questions. They will have a substitute today and on Thursday.
  • On Thursday, Government students will work on the 21st and 22nd Amendments and will complete their study guides for chapter 7.
  • On Friday, we will go over the study guide and chapter 7 test will be on Tuesday, March 5th. Civic Participation Projects are due today!!

March 2nd through March 6th

  • On Monday, March 4th, psychology students will begin analyzing case studies to diagnose mental disorders. They have today and Wednesday the 6th to complete the case studies. On Friday the 8th, students will begin research on anxiety disorders and will finish the documentary on schizophrenia.
  • On Tuesday the 5th, Government students will turn in homework and begin their study guides on civic participation.
  • Students will play a review game for the civic participation test and then will work on the 23rd amendment. Test on civic participation will be Friday, March 8th.

March 9th through March 13th

  • On Monday, psychology students will complete a web search on psychological disorders. On Wednesday the 13th, they will complete short case studies on situations they might encounter while they are at work. Friday will be a review day on all disorders.
  • On Tuesday the 12th, Juniors will be at their home schools taking the ACT. Any students that are in class will use the day to catch up on work.
  • On Thursday the 14th and Friday the 15th, Government students will be completing activities on the Ohio Constitution.

March 16th through March 20th

  • Psychology students will be working on their case studies all week.
  • On Tuesday, government students will have a quiz on the Ohio Constitution.
  • On Thursday, government students will do an activity on the Federal Reserve.
  • On Friday, there will be a quiz on the Federal Reserve and the last two amendments are due.

March 23rd through March 27th

  • On Monday, Psychology students will finish preparing their presentations on public figures they believe have psychological disorders.
  • On Wednesday, Psychology students will begin their presentations. On Friday, seniors will be on a field trip.
  • On Tuesday, Government students will play Kahoot on the principles of the Constitution. Next, they will take notes and complete two activities on the Federal Reserve.
  • On Thursday, students will do a review with me on their amendment binders. They will finish their Federal Reserve activities and will have quiz using their amendment binders on Friday.

March 30th through April 5th

  • Psychology class will be presenting their case studies in class all week.
  • Government classes will finish The Federal Reserve Unit on Tuesday and will have a quiz on Thursday.
  • On Friday, Government will begin foreign policy. We will also start reviewing test taking strategies.

April 8th through April 3rd

  • On Monday the 8th, Psychology students will finish presentations. On Wednesday, we will review all presentations and they will have a quiz on Friday the 12th on all case studies. For the second half of class on Wednesday, we will begin a lesson/activity on using music for social change.
  • On Tuesday and Thursday, Government students will complete a review sheet for the end of course exam. The second half of class will focus on foreign policy.
  • On Friday, Government students will take a quiz on the amendments.

April 6th through April 10th

  • On Monday and Wednesday, psychology students will be working on a test and their Using Music for Social Change papers. Everything is due by the end of class on Wednesday.
  • On Tuesday, Government students will complete a review for the end of course test and will then continue completing notes and an activity on foreign policy. On Thursday, they will complete another short review for the end of course. They will receive a study guide to complete over spring break and will use the rest of class to complete any work not completed from the last 2 weeks.

April 20th through April 24th

  • On Monday, Psychology students will begin a project on using music for social change. They will research two songs with similar messages. One from the past and one current. Then they create a poster highlighting the songs and their messages. They will have two weeks to complete this assignment. This will be due on May 10th.
  • On Tuesday, Government students will review their end of course study guides with me. We will discuss testing strategies and I will show them the procedures for taking the test.
  • On Thursday, Government students will begin NIMS certification and will also get the directions to their foreign policy project.

April 27th through May 1st

  • Sociology students will continue to work on social justice project. This week is an in-class work week. Project is due on Monday the 13th.
  • Government students will begin NIMS Training and will continue working on their country projects.

May 4th through May 8th

  • Sociology will begin working on their collage projects.
  • Government will continue to work on NIMS and their country projects.

May 11th through May 15th

  • Sociology will finish their collage projects and cosmetology seniors will be at state boards on Wednesday. Picnic on Friday.
  • Government will turn in their country projects on Tuesday and will start the rules of engagement in diplomacy and armed conflict. Then, they will complete an activity on what they would do in a foreign policy conflict.

May 18th through May 22nd

May 25th through May 29th

June 1st and June 2nd

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