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High School

Class: Social Studies Teacher

Teacher: Melinda Grimm


Extension: 1402

Room: G-31

Important Dates

Lesson Plans

August 24th through August 28th

  • Monday through Wednesday, students will be in lab. Academics will rotate through labs introducing our classes, handing out syllabus and setting up google classrooms.
  • On Thursday, I will send out links for students on classroom to go online for the first time. We will spend the class discussing protocols and what I expect from them this year. I will give them a discussion question on their thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.
  • Friday, August 28th. No instruction.

August 31st through September 4th

  • On Tuesday, students will get a pack of guided notes on different types of government. They will need to open the attached doc and I will complete the first page with them. This will be due by midnight on Thursday the 3rd. They will have time on Thursday to ask questions and complete their packets. They will also have a discussion question to complete at the beginning of class.

September 8th through September 11th

  • Students will begin work on the Types of Government Project. They will pick a type of government from last week's packet and will create a google slideshow on the information they find. They will include research information on the type of government they choose and then will pick a country from around the world that uses that type of government. After explaining the project, students will have the rest of class on Tuesday and Thursday to work or ask questions. This will be due by midnight on Friday the 11th.
  • Students will watch a short video about 9-11 and will answer discussion questions about that day.

September 14th through September 18th

  • Government students will finish their projects and they are due by 11:59 Tuesday night.
  • Students will complete two charts with me on the qualifications and qualities of a president and also on how to remove a president from office. I will provide sites for the activity.

September 21st through September 25th

  • Student will complete their notes on the roles of the President. I will complete it with them.
  • On Thursday, students will be giving two biography sheets to complete on President Trump and Joe Biden. The biographies will be due on Tuesday the 22nd.

September 28th through October 2nd

  • Tuesday, September 29th is a work day. We will discuss candidate issues and students will have the opportunity to ask questions and extra help on previous assignments.
  • Thursday, October 1st, students will work through the 3 Branches of Government Slide Show and will create their own notes on each branch of government.
  • Friday is online for lab teachers.

October 5th through October 8th

  • Tuesday, October 6th is a check in/work day. Review of assignments and the Presidential Debate.
  • Thursday, October 8th will be a discussion day on Separation of Powers, the Executive Branch and the Debate. Students will be assigned to two videos, about 3 to 4 minutes long each, and will answers questions during the video for points.
  • No school for students on October 9th.

October 12th through October 16th

  • Students will complete an assignment on voting in Ohio. They will see sample ballots and registration forms. They will complete an online assignment on
  • Monday October 12th is the lesson on the psychology of color with ECE and CA.
  • Cos seniors will finish their lesson on the psychology of color.

October 19th through October 23rd

  • Students will complete a webquest on real vs. fake news. Students will get (the day before class) the Finding Credible Sources checklist. Students will click on 4 links to determine how current the story is, it's relevancy, who wrote the article and what the purpose of the story is. Students will also complete a reflection on the trustworthy of a source.
  • On Thursday, students will complete a follow up assignment on fake and real news stories. We will review the checklist before they complete the assignment.
  • Mrs. Pagnotta and I will discuss the founders of psychology (Educational Theorists) with Seniors on Tuesday.

October 26th through October 30th

  • Students will get a reading/vocabulary list/an election calendar/and an answer guide about the Electoral College.
  • We will work through these materials in class on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

November 2nd through November 6th

  • Students will complete an Electoral College map on Tuesday, November 3rd.
  • On Thursday, students will begin an activity on the Principals of the Constitution.

November 9th through November 13th

  • Students will finish working on their Electoral College Maps and will complete an Edpuzzle on the Electoral Process.
  • Students will also do a lesson on the Federalists/Anti-federalists.
  • Introduction to the Constitution and it's Articles along with an activity on the Principles of the Constitution.

November 16th through November 20th

  • Review activity on the Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists.
  • Introduction to the Constitution and it's Articles along with an activity on the Principles of the Constitution.
  • Cosmetology and Culinary Seniors will get their SID numbers for NIMS.

November 24th

  • Government students will complete an Edpuzzle on the Introduction to the Bill of Rights.

November 30th through December 4th

  • Students will complete, with me, a chart on the Bill of Rights and on Thursday, they will complete guided notes from a google slideshow on the Bill of Rights. Friday will be a catch-up/work day. I will be online for extra help. 

December 7th through December 11th

  • Monday: Visit Labs/Extra Help
  • Tuesday: Bill of Rights Google Slideshow/Guided Notes for Juniors. Domestic Abuse Training for Senior Cos 1:00-2:00.
  • Wednesday: Visit Labs/Extra Help
  • Thursday: Bill of Rights Scenarios: Due next Tuesday the 15th. (Rescheduled for next Thursday).

December 14th through December 18th

  • Monday: Stem tours, Junior Cosmetology Domestic Abuse Training. (1:00)
  • Tuesday: Seniors NIMS 9-10 AM, Stem tours, Seniors NIMS 1-2. Juniors will complete an Edpuzzle on Bill of Rights scenarios.
  • Wednesday: Visit Labs/Junior Cosmetology Domestic Abuse Training. (1:00)
  • Thursday: Final assignment on the Bill of Rights due on Friday the 19th.
  • Friday: Catch-up/work day. I will be online for extra help.

January 4th through January 8th

  • Monday: Lab Visit/Domestic Abuse Training
  • Tuesday: Educational Theorists/Civil War Amendments
  • Wednesday: Lab Visits/Domestic Abuse Training
  • Thursday: Educational Theorists/Civil War Amendments
  • Friday: Work Day

January 11th through January 15th

  • Monday: Lab Visits: Giving paper copies of the new assignment to each lab.
  • Tuesday: Review of Civil Rights Amendments/Civic Rights and Responsibilities and Legal Responsibilities. We will complete a graphic organizer on the levels and sources of citizenship along with civic rights and responsibilities.
  • Wednesday: Lab Visits
  • Thursday: Continuing with Civic Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Friday: Introduction to "Practicing Good Citizenship" project.

January 18th through January 22nd

  • No school on Monday.
  • Tuesday: Students will complete a review on Civic Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Wednesday: Lab Visits/NIMS
  • Thursday: Practicing Good Citizenship Project.
  • Friday: Work Day

January 25th through January 29th

  • Monday: Juniors will come to my room to see where it is and to pick up supplies for their project. Working with seniors to finish NIMS.
  • Tuesday: Juniors will work on projects.
  • Wednesday: Lab visits/NIMS (if necessary).
  • Thursday: Juniors will work on projects.
  • Friday: 1st day for juniors. Citizenship Test/Work on projects. 

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