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High School

Class: Social Studies Teacher

Teacher: Jason Campbell


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Important Dates

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Last day before Labor Day break

Friday, October 13, 2017

Course Syllabus

Junior Government 2018-2019

Instructor Information:

Mr. Jason Campbell

(330) 729-4000 Ext. 1408

Room C-07

Materials Needed:

1" Binder


Colored Pencils

Chromebook or other device with access to Google Classroom

Student Handbook

Google Classroom

The goal with Google Classroom is to have an electronic forum for giving and completing assignments, assessments, and in-class participation. More detailed information will be provided as we begin our year.


Because a large part of learning depends on the consistent and reliable contributions of all members of the class, regular attendance is critical to the success of all class participants. Excessive absence from or tardiness to class -regardless of the reason- will negatively affect your final grade. If you know you are going to be absent, please notify me ahead of time. When you are absent, please check the Google Classroom or email me personally to see what you missed so that you can submit the work the next day.

Late Work

All work turned in past the due date will result in a zero. Extensions are only given on a case-by-case basis after a conference with the teacher.

Make-Up Work

Make-Up work is the student’s responsibility. Make-up work can be completed by following your Google Classroom’s daily assignments. According to the MCCTC handbook, make-up work is allowed if you have an excused absence. If your absence is excused, we will give you the amount of days you missed, plus one additional day, to make-up any missed assignments.

Grading Procedures

Please refer to your Student Handbook for all grading procedures

Classroom Rules and Expectations

  1. Follow Directions. This applies to school-wide policies.
  2. Be in your seat when class starts.
  3. Bring required materials every day.
  4. No “door/row buddies” at the end of class. When class is dismissed, you may leave your seat and exit.
  5. Clean up your personal area before leaving class.
  6. Respect each other.
  7. No cellphones are allowed out in class, unless the teacher has specifically asked them to be. Punishment for cell phone use will result in following Rule 19 of the Student Code of Conduct’s Cell Phone policy. Hanging pockets are available in the room to stow your cell phone. 5 bonus points will be awarded each week to anyone who keeps their cell phone in the hanging pocket all academic days during the week.

Course Outline

(Subject to Change)

Unit 1: The Nature of Power, Politics, and Government

Unit 2: Forms of Government

Unit 3: The Roots of American Government

Unit 4: The U.S. Constitution

Unit 5: The Bill of Rights

Unit 6: The Amendments

Unit 7: Elections

Unit 8: Gerrymandering

Unit 9: Ohio Government

Unit 10: The Federal Budget

Class Binder

Most of the work completed will be collected into your class binder. Every student is required to supply their own 2” 3-ring binder that will serve as their notebook. The binders will be set-up with a table of contents during the first week of class. Binders will be collected for grading twice per quarter.

Binders will be graded using the following criteria:

  1. Quality/Completeness of Content: (Notes Complete, Demonstration of Effort and Thought)
  2. Visual Appeal: (Color, Main Ideas Highlighted)
  3. Organization: (Everything on proper page, papers mounted, Neatness)
  4. Content (Pages will include, but are not limited to: Class Notes, Up Front Magazine Article Assignments, Quiz Reviews, and Class Assignments)

Points for each binder check will vary based on the material included. Individual page point values range from 5 -20 points. A running list of pages for each binder check will be posted on the class board and be available on the class Google Classroom stream.

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