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High School

Class: English Teacher

Teacher: Alissa Kolar


Extension: 1410

Room: J-213

Important Dates

Course Syllabus


Chromebook or Laptop to access Google Suite

Binder (1") or Two-Pocket Folder



Highlighter (optional)


Course Description

This class utilizes common-core standards tailored for our ARTS Academy students. The standards focus on strengthening reading, writing, critical thinking, and communication skills necessary to help them excel in the future -- regardless of whether they immediately enter the workforce, join the service, or pursue post-secondary education.

The following is a tentative outline of the year:

Quarter 1 - Narrative/ Non-Fiction

  • Explore narratives and non-fiction writing in order to learn about themselves, their clients and the history of their profession

Quarter 2 – Informative/Explanatory

  • Produce professional documents, including resumes and cover letters
  • Enhance their knowledge about issues/advancements facing their professions

Quarter 3 – Argumentative

  • Learn to support and verbalize opinions and ideas in a professional manner
  • Distinguish quality sources and break down research

Quarter 4 – Communication

  • Analyze and improve their communication skills within their chosen profession


Regular attendance and participation is critical to success. Excessive absence from or tardiness to class, regardless of the reason, will negatively affect grades. If you know you are going to be absent, please notify the teacher ahead of time. When absent, check the make-up work calendars.

Participation is: completing assignments on time, talking in and listening to class discussion, respecting others’ opinions,collaborating with your peers, and engaging in all class activities.

Late Work

All work turned in past the due date will result in a zero. Extensions are only given on a case-by-case basis after a conference with the teacher.

Make-Up Work

Make-Up work is the student’s responsibility. A section of the classroom is dedicated to make-up work. According to the MCC&TC handbook, make-up work is allowed if you have an excused absence. If your absence is excused, you will have the amount of days you missed plus one additional day to make-up any missed assignments.

If there is no name on a piece of work, zero points will be given. Cheating and/or plagiarizing will result in an automatic zero (and possible class failure).

Grading Procedures

Please see Student Handbook for all grading procedures.

Classroom Rules and Expectations

All rules and procedures subject to change with notice

  1. Follow Directions. This applies to school-wide policies.
  2. Be in your seat, doing Bellwork or Journals, when the bell rings.
  3. Bring pen/pencil and binder every day.
  4. No “door/row huddles” at the end of class. When the bell rings, you may exit.
  5. Clean up your personal area before leaving class.
  6. No cellphones are allowed out in class, unless the teacher gives permission. If you are caught with your phone, there will be a consequence (severity varies upon level of offense). If you take issue with the consequence, you will be sent to ISS with your phone. Parents can call the school if they need to reach their child.

Consequences to Rule Breaking*

  1. First offense – Conference with teacher or points removed.
  2. Second offense - Phone call/conference with parent/guardian.
  3. Third offense – Written referral/ sent to appropriate office.

*Order subject to change based on offense.

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